CMS is compatible with

DSTV Block Description CMS Stand Alone
Plate Shape
BO Hole Block Yes Yes
AK Border contour cut block – including edge preparation Yes Yes
IK Inside contour cut block Yes Yes
SI Stenciling text block Yes Yes
PU Marking – Powdering block Yes Yes
KO Marking – Scribing block Yes Yes

DSTV Conversion Service

Take advantage of our years of experience in DSTV file creation.

Submit your project files to us for a quick and free quote for conversion of your Autodesk Inventor (.IPT), SolidWorks (.SLDPRT) and AutoCAD (.DWG, .DXF) single body part files to standardized DSTV (.NC1) files for use in most CNC beam lines, drills and plasma cutters. Our service will streamline your workload and prices are fixed per part so there are never any surprises.

Get a quote for a DSTV conversion

Free CMS Viewer

CMS Viewer allows users to view and verify the exact content of structural steel component DSTV- NC files (nc1).

CMS Viewer provides both a 2D/3D graphical representation as well as the standard text format representation of DSTV and nc1 files within the same interface, which facilitates communication and collaboration between structural steel detailers, drafters and fabricators.

CMS Viewer enables graphical scrolling through DSTV files in a browser like interface, allowing users to rapidly view contents of any number of files in the same directory.

With CMS users can check dimensions, view details such as holes, patterns, and cutting angles, and rotate the part to view it from any angle. The DSTV text view is interlinked with the graphical view, thus any element that is highlighted in one view is highlighted in the other.