Column Splitter

Win64 | Published 11/10/2016

Splits one or multiple structural or architectural columns by point(s), level(s), or reference plane(s).

Web Stiffener

Win32 and 64 | Published 6/3/2016

Add web stiffeners on one or more W-beams either by selecting the individual points or a distance over two points. The user can define spacing, offsets, insertion location, insertion side and stiffener size.


Win32 and 64 | Published 6/3/2016

Automatically copes a selected beam/column with any number of intersecting beams/columns, or copes all the intersecting beams/columns with the selected beam/column and applies an offset specified by the user (supports metric and imperial input formats since version 1.0.1). Now supports Revit 2016.

Dynamo Scripts

Unjoin all framing /unjoin all framing by comment.

Win32 and 64 | Published 30/07/2018

Especially handy for floor systems, users can disallow the joins on their beams and framing (by comment or all framing) without having to go into each piece individually. Using Dynamo 2.0.1


Open sheets by view or element

Win32 and 64 | Published 09/01/2019

Speed up the process of opening multiple sheets by view using the project browser or by element.